Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Kitchen Got a Face Lift!! (I wish I could! LOL!)

Hello there!!

For the last couple of days our house has been in shambles! All of our kitchen belongings have been strewn across our formal living room and dining nook while our cabinets have been getting refaced. We got a deal recently from Home Depot that we couldn't pass up that offered delayed interest and no payments for a year! So we decided now was the time to get our kitchen cabinets refaced. We chose a pretty medium toned maple wood laminate that really does look like wood. I have been wanting this done forever, and I am so happy that we now have these new cabinets! It was a pain to have the kitchen torn apart for a few days, but it was worth it!

Here are some of the before pictures of our kitchen...

This first one is the way it looked before we bought it! Can you believe how awful that blue wall coloring was??? What were they thinking? Supposedly the husband was color blind and didn't realize how horrible his color selections were. The house was full of wierd colors. It took us a week of painting before we could even move in!

That is my daugther Michelle sitting on the kitchen counter!

These next pictures show the kitchen cabinets before they were refaced but after we had fixed them and the kitchen walls up when we moved in. Much improvement, but they still needed some help. The paint that I had painted over the light pink oak trim was starting to peel off in high contact areas and the cabinet doors were starting to have trouble closing in certain places.

Now here are the after pictures of the newly refaced cabinets!!!!

Scroll down while the drumrolls.....

So by late in the evening on Saturday we had everything put back away and we are still in shock everytime we enter the kitchen! I am so happy that we did this! It will definitely help the resale value whenever we decide to sell the house!

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Sharon said...

WOW! That looks awesome, what a huge improvement. Looks great.