Saturday, September 19, 2009

SheetLoad Share!

With my computer in the shop for most of September I haven't been able to share with you the images I took of my projects that I designed for September's SheetLoad of Cards sketch. I was able to show you the card that made it on the cover of the magazine, but I also have two other cards and a Beyond the Card project to share with you!

So to get caught up, and since two of my projects go together, I am going to show you two of the designs I submitted for the September Issue of SheetLoad of Cards eZine. They are designed using JessicaLynnOriginal stamps' Adventure (It's a Jungle Out There) set. Being the girly girl that I am , this set proved to be a real challenge for me until I decided to go with a little Boy's Birthday Party theme!

This is a picture of the completed Birthday Party Kit that I made using the stamp set!

Edited to Add: Thank you Craftria for reminding me that I had misspelled my invitation by puting "Your" instead of "You're" on the card front. I actually realized it before I submitted it to SheetLoad, but forgot to remove the old pics from my computer and ended up uploading the wrong ones. Where able I replaced the pictures of some of the misspelled invitations. But some of them still remain to ensure you get a proper look at the whole collection. :-(

No birthday party can happen if you don't invite some kids right? So my first order of business was to create an invitation. Remember that all the designs had to follow this month's sketch which you can see HERE by downloading the latest eZine.

As you can see I took the Adventure (It's a Jungle Out There) stamp set and went Indiana Jones with it! The DP and CS I used are from the Paper Salon's Rugged collection. The Green DP is from Karen Foster and the Black CS is from Recollections. All stamped images were stamped using Amuse Black ink and colored with Copic markers unless stated otherwise.

To create the sentiment, I found an Indiana Jones look-alike font on the Internet and used Word Art in Power Point to design it and then printed it out on my CS. But JLO does also provide a stamp set that would work perfectly for this occasion!

For an extra touch I stamped the hat and rope and popped them up on top of the car for additional depth and interest. I think a lot of little boys would be excited to go to this party if they got this invitation in the mail! It really helps set the mood for the whole party!

The party gift bag doesn't follow the sketch, but I decided to make one using the same stamp set so the whole set would be complete! Every party has to have a party bag to give away!!

On to the board game...

I purchased an old Clue game from a local thrift store and decided to alter it!

I lightly sanded the board and then covered it with a cream colored Heidi Swapp paint. After making the playing area to represent the sketch, and punching squares to provide the path of the game, I then stamped many images all over it to create my background.

I used the column stamp to make a border for the game, multiple leaf stamps to make it appear jungle-like and then also stamped the jeep image to show the starting area of the game.

I even stamped the stone stamp to form a snake pit in the top corner and filled it with snakes stamped in coordinating colors using my SU ink! I did find that coloring on the painted background made it difficult to blend my Copic markers well. To make the game playing cards that provide the players with how to proceed in the game, I stamped the skeleton's head on the face of each of them.

Again using the Indiana Jones look-alike font I made the title for the game. Using Rub-ons, I made a Draw and Discard pile for the cards. Throughout the game on some of the spaces I stamped a skeleton head which indicates when a player should draw a card from the Draw pile. And on other spaces I stamped snakes which means when a player lands there they have to spend one turn in the snake pit.

To move around the game board, players use the spinner to determine where they land on the board. They progress to the next closest color of space that matches the color their spinner landed on. The spinner was created using a chipboard circle and a chipboard tag that was trimmer to represent a pointer. The circle was placed on top of another circle that was made into pie shaped pieces with all the colors.

To make the game pieces I colored four different hats, one to represent each color of game pieces. Before I cut them out, I first folded them in half so that I could form a tent with the hat piece and then by leaving a tab of paper on the bottom, I slipped them into the foam of the game piece bases that I made. The bases were made out of some small plastic storage containers that I had on hand that I filled with Almost Leather (a thick foam-like material.)

So there you have it! An adventure game suitable for a young man's birthday party. As players move three spaces ahead for finding a priceless artifact, or get sent back five spaces because they were run over by a big boulder, they will race around the board beginning at the start space and ending at the last column that contains the jewel that they are all in pursuit of! It really is an Adventure!!!

It was funny because even though my youngest is fifteen years old, he wanted to play the game when he saw it completed! It really did come out nicely!!

If you stuck with me for this whole LONG post, thanks so much! I can't tell you how many hours went into making it, so I really appreciate you taking the time to look at the finished product!

Be sure to visit SheetLoad of Cards and JessicaLynnOriginal stamps to get your sketch and stamps for your next project!!

Alicia was nice enough to Feature me as one of her new Designers this week on this post HERE... so if you would like to check it out, you might learn a thing or two about me that you didn't already know!

Have a great Saturday and may your bucket overflow with lots of adventures of your own this weekend!


PaperCrafty said...

WOW!! Your projects are AMAZING Kelly!! I love the board game!! Fabulous job!!

JPScraps said...

Amazing projects. The game board id incredible!!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I want a party like this! I love Indie :) What an absolutely fabulous idea! Wow...

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Oh my gosh!! What fun! What an imagination? Seriously - who does that anymore?? Coolio!

Trini said...

Pure genious!!! I would have never thought of making up my own game. What fun for the kids. You are an amazing papercrafter! Trini

vickiw said...

WOW, look at you and your creativity.
from invites to the end your a purple rosette ribbon all the way. I know boys and I"m sure they didn't appreciate all that hard work so here's to you girl. YOU ROCK!!!!

Kelly Schelske said...

Absolutely fabulous Kelly!

Sharon said...

Dang! Kelly, your just to talented for words. That game board is just the coolest. And love the invites.

Great Job!


Kelli said...

Are you kidding me?! You made a game?? This is great!!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Ooooooooooh..............I LOVE this!! I'm an Indiana Jones fan anyway...LOL I just love his movies. I LOVE the "scene" you created for it too! HAHA! love it!!

Kay said...

Holy Smokes!! That's amazing!!

CraftyRia said...

It's very cute. Is it too late to change "your invited" to "you're invited" so it is correct?

Otherwise, it's adorable!

BloomingPink said...

This one of the most amazing creations I've seen! How awesome!

Thanh said...

Holy toledo! What a wicked project!! I love the idea Kelly, will have to store away for future use.