Friday, May 8, 2009

Where'd My Mojo Go??

Sorry for not posting anything over the last couple of days, but I have been sick in bed for the most part! I caught the respiratory crud that is going around (and no it is NOT the Swine Flu! Ha Ha!) and it has left me with no energy and no creative mojo!
I keep coming to my scrap desk shuffling papers around but never coming up with anything worth creating. I think the best thing to do is to step away until it comes back. I have today off and hope to get some creative time in later... we will see how productive I can be!! I have lots to do so I hope it comes back really soon!

I'll be back with a post ASAP!!

Have a great day and may your bucket overflow with lots of mojo!!


Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon. We missed you at lunch Wednesday. Happy Mothers Day!

Scrubbysue said...

Hi kelly! I hope you start to feeling better real soon!