Monday, May 25, 2009

I Do Believe in Miracles

I know I have been missing from blogland for the last few days, but when I tell you what has happened over the past few days, I know you will understand!

I Do Believe in Miracles

Today's post title reflects what I feel today and reminds me that there is hope for tomorrow too! I know that miracles have happened in the past and I trust that they can happen in the future too!

Saturday morning we were woken by a phone call from Tom's dad telling us that his mother had suffered a heart attack in the early morning hours. She had to have stints placed emergently to unclog two of the completely blocked arteries that were feeding her heart.

I Do Believe in Miracles! And I am so thankful to say that she is doing OK!! They were able to unclog her arteries and improve the blood flow to her heart. You can't imagine our relief at finding her a mere 10 hours later sitting up in bed eating her lunch and acting much like the lady we truly love.

My beautiful MIL!

The doctors said that she was a very lucky lady. We believe a miracle occured that night and my Dear MIL's life was spared. I was able to see her on Saturday and Sunday and am happy to report that she has been transferred from the ICU to the cardiac step down unit with plans of being discharged sometime today. I Do Believe in Miracles!!

Today is Memorial Day and some of you may have already heard about a wonderful fundraising benefit that is going on today! I have decided to join in on the Stampin Out Alzheimers fundraising efforts of Jen Tapler and Susanna Boyd because I Do Believe in Miracles!

I believe that through continued efforts in research we will be able to come up with a cure for Alzheimers. Please go to the Stampin Out Alzheimer's website and participate in the activities of this week. There are many opportunities there to enter contests and challenges, but more importantly there is an opportunity to help another miracle to occur by donating money to the great cause of researching Alzheimer's.

My family is affected by the horrible disease of Alzheimer's and here is our story...

The people in the picture above are my husband Tom and his mom Geri (who just had the heart attack I mentioned above). This picture was taken back in November when they were dancing at our wedding reception. Tom's mom has Alzheimer's. She was diagnosed with it about two years ago. Despite taking medications to slow the progress, we see her deteriorating right before our eyes.

In my mind when I look at the picture of the two of them dancing, the song that comes to mind is "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole.

Here are the lyrics to that song...

Unforgettable, that's what you are.
Unforgettable, though near or far.
Like a song of love that clings to me,
How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before has someone been more
Unforgettable, in every way.
And forever more, that's how you'll stay.
That's why, darling, it's incredible,
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too.

I Do Believe in Miracles! I believe that a cure can be found for Alzheimers; I believe that Tom's mom will have the chance to enjoy the retired life that she worked so hard to achieve; I believe that she will be able to remember conversations that she had with us just moments earlier; I believe that the world of hers that has shrunk in size will be able to expand again one day to provide her with opportunities for socialization; I believe that she will be able to remember and enjoy the time she spends with her loving family; And I believe that we will be "unforgettable" to her someday! Because I Do Believe in Miracles!

I know that these Miracles can happen but I also realize that we can make them happen faster by donating to research efforts for Alzheimers. Here are some facts about Alzheimers taken directly from the Alzheimers Organization's national site:

• As many as 5.3 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s.

• Alzheimer's and dementia triple healthcare costs for Americans age 65 and older.

• Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s.

• Alzheimer's is the seventh-leading cause of death.

Please donate to this wonderful cause. You can click on the Stampin Out Alzheimers Donate widget on the right hand side of my blog. By donating any amount you can be entered to participate in the activities going on at the Stampin Out Alzheimers Social Network all week long.

I hope that you will join me in donating and come over and participate in the fundraising fun!! Jen and Susanna sure know how to put the FUN in FUNDRAISING!!

I Do Believe in Miracles!

Have a Happy Memorial Day! I hope to spend mine in my scraproom making cards and organizing! Have a wonderful holiday and may your bucket overflow with the belief that Miracles can happen!


Jessica G. said...

Kelly -- I'm so sorry to hear of your MIL's heart attack, but so thankful to hear she will home again soon.

We, too, have seen loved ones' memories slip away due to Alzheimer's; the Stampin' Out Alzheimers is definitely a worthy cause. Here's to many more miracles!!

Nancy said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about your MIL but also glad to hear about her MIRACLE!

Carla Phillips said...

I'm so glad to hear that your MIL is recovering from the heart attack, but I'm so sorry to hear she has Alzheimer's. She and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.. I too hope and pray they find a cure one day!! My grandmother was diagnosed a year ago with Alzheimer's. They gave her medicine to "slow" down the progression, but I truly believe it only made it get worse.. Many thoughts and prayers are with you!!

LORi said...

You are amazing!! Your post has spoken to me!!! Praise God for miracles!!! Praise God for your MIL continued HEALING in Jesus name!!!



Scrubbysue said...

What a beautiful, beautiful story kelly. I'm so grateful that our MIL is alive and doing okay. God Bless her. I myself, believe in miracles as well. I'm happy to know that your a part of the Stampin' out campaign. I didn't know that until just reading through this post. My grandpa was also affected by this horrible disease. I pray as well that they find a cure. Thankyou for letting us share in your miracle story and I pray she continues to recover and improve.

Migdalia Roman said...

The Miracle is in your mouth. Say the world and she recover his health in the Name of Jesus.

Jen Tapler said...

Thank you so much Kelly for sharing your story with all of us and for helping support Stampin' Out Alzheimers! I hope you'll keep in touch after this event is over - I'd love to chat sometime. Please e-mail me in a few weeks so we can exchange info. THANK YOU!! {hugs}