Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stampin Up Delivery Day!! Woohoo!!

Today was a great day! I was able to pick up my SU! order from Monica! (Thanks for risking being late for work Monica!) She is my local rep for SU! (we use the term local lightly because we meet in the middle somewhere because I am about an hour from her house, or Tiffani will meet her if I can't.) I belong to her monthly stamp club. I have been building on my stamp pads and papers and have been collecting stamps too! I really like SU! stamps a lot. Their taste matches mine and there aren't many of their collections that I don't like!

So anyway, I got one new stamp set (Artfully Asian), a set of paper and a set of stamps from the Bold Brights collection, a roller handle and I also got the word window punch that was on back order. I feel like I hit the jackpot and can't wait to dig in to my new things! You should expect to see some cards with word window used, because I think that is really neat!

I still need to get my stamp set put in bins, but I did get the rubber cut and the labels placed already on the wood blocks. One other thing I do is catalog all my stamps into a folder, so I copy the labels before I remove them from the sticker sheet (great idea from Tiffani) and then I keep them in a 3 ring binder. I would like to share with you how I organize my stamps, in case it might be any help to you. But I think I will do that tomorrow since it is getting late already here and I am tired!

Another reason today was great was because I was on second call which decreases the risk of me being called in greatly. However, I still have all the distance and time limitations applied, but I can stretch it just a bit and not worry too much! So after I picked up my stamps, I met with Tiffani and we had lunch! We are both dieting and went to Chili's. We got the nutritional menu to see how many calories were in their meals. We were quite amazed at how many calories are in some of the entrees we would have eaten in the recent past! It is no wonder we had gained a few! LOL!

Speaking of gaining, I didn't!! I actually lost half a pound! I wish it were more though and need to keep working really hard on it. I have definitely had a few weak moments and even "cheated" a tad, but overall I am still staying on my diet! Now on a bad note, I did not make it to the gym this morning! When I woke up (or even turned over in the middle of the night) I could feel every muscle in my body! So I decided to skip today and go in the morning on Thursday instead. I really appreciated it when Monica asked me today if I made it to the gym, cause that is exactly the type of accountability I was hoping my blogging would get me. Somehow when I explained my reason for not going to Monica, it didn't seem as valid as it did this morning! (Oops!) So thanks for having my back Monica and checking up on me! XOXO

Another great thing about today was that it is "So You Think You Can Dance Night" (SYTYCD). I watched it as I made my dad's Father's Day card. I can't get over how great the dancers are this season. It was hard to pick my least favorite, but I think if I had to choose the partners that I would place on the bottom, it would have to be the first couple who did the Hip Hop and the last couple who did the Disco. We will see what America thinks tomorrow! Do you have a favorite yet? Please share if you do!

Report cards came in today for both of my kids and I have to say I was pretty happy! Ricky, my baby who will be starting HS next year got all A's, B's and C's, but had a couple too many C's for my liking. Tiffany though on the other hand has straight A's!! I think this is a first for her!! She was very proud of herself and I am too! Ricky did redeem himself by scoring much higher than the average child at his age and grade on the FCAT. He has always struggled with applying himself on homework, which is why his grades suffer, but he is actually quite intelligent! I hope he will try harder in HS!

My good friend Melissa from work (who is the only other person there that likes to scrapbook too) made a card from the tutorial I posted a couple of days ago. I got her permission to share her card with all of you! I LOVE what she did with hers. The stamping is awesome and her colors are great too! I am so happy that she shared it with us! Thanks Melissa!! XOXO

Finally I wanted to share two of the Father's Day cards that I have made. I still have to make one more! (You know broken families and all!) I need to get them both in the mail tomorrow and I hope that it isn't too late already. One is in this county and should make it by Saturday, and the other one has to get across the state! I better cross my fingers that they make it!

This is the card I made for Tom's step dad who in many ways is more like his real dad! He raised him for much of his childhood and young adult life. Tom has so much admiration and respect for this man. He is an avid golfer and so I guess you will understand the theme of his card!

And this is the card that I made for my dad. I am really lacking in masculine stamps in my collection, so it was quite the challenge to find something that worked with a sweet sentiment appropriate for him.

The outside sentiment says "A Daughter's Love Lasts for all Seasons." Then on the inside it says "Happy Father's Day! I love you today and everyday of the year!" Usually my cards to him are all these long drawn out sentiments that are supposed to elicit crying from all who read it and because he kept making such a fuss about my mushy cards every year, for the last couple of years I have kept them short and sweet! I think he misses my mushy ones!! LOL!

The stamp set I used is the SU set called "A tree for all seasons" and I colored it with my copics and hit some accents with my souffle pens. I used the computer to print my sentiment. The DP is from the Basic Grey collection called Archaic.

Hope you enjoy the cards and have a great night! Tomorrow we will talk about stamp organization!

Good night!

Kelly :-)


Monica said...

What a day you had! Glad I got to get the stamps to you and I even made it to work with 15 minutes to spare :-)

Love the cards...and your Father's card is just beautiful! I Love it!!

Sue S. said...

WOW! You've been busy! More fabulous cards from you! How fun!

I have TONS of SU stamps and hardly use them anymore. I used to buy them ALL the time and then, got out of it for a while. I look and see all the stamps and wonder "what was I thinking?" ROFL

Honestly, I don't blame you for taking the day off from the gym. I know how sore you can get from working out and sometimes, a break is needed. Plus, you want to build up slowly...well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL

Melissa did a fabulous job with the card from your tutorial! Pass on the "WOW" factor!

I'm a big fan of SYTYCD, too. I love watching those kids but I missed it last night. DRATS! I'll have to watch tonight...

Have a great day!!!!

Chrissy said...

Look at you rocking out the blog and cards to boot!! Wish you were by me at MP. I have Claudia and Debbie now all I need is you!! Miss you!

Kelly said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my cards!

I love you guys for following along with me!

Kelly :-)