Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I finally made it to the Gym! More Cards to Share.

First and foremost I want to start by thanking all of my faithful blog followers. Your comments mean so much to me and I apologize for not responding to them, but I hadn't figured that out yet. I think I have it figured out now and will try and be better at responding to your comments. :-)

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I am celebrating today!! Despite getting called by phone at 2:30 am and then getting called in to work at 3:00 am, I still ended up meeting my mom for aerobics this morning at 7:30 am. I was very proud of myself for going even though I was very tired and could have justified sleeping in. I knew that if I didn't go to the gym one of these days I was going to fight ever going! So today was the day and I really had a good workout! We will see how I feel over the next couple of days! LOL!

OK... so I promised you some pictures of some of my recent cards! The ones I am going to showcase today are all ones that I have used my Copic ( pronounced with a hard c and a long o)markers to color stamped images with. I love my Copics and can't wait to get more of them! Thanks Shelley!!! I am so happy to have been introduced to these wonderful tools to compliment my stamping so well.

If you don't know what Copic markers are, you can visit this website and learn about them. And here is an awesome blog site that gives great lessons on copic markers! They are a little expensive, but I have signed up for a monthly purchase plan through Gina K Designs and spend $25 dollars a month and get six markers shipped directly to me. She makes it so that when this plan expires, I will have purchased one full collection of Copics. I can't wait to get more of the colors so I can color any of the stamps that I have.

So here is a sampling of some recent cards I have made!

To create this card I used a combination of my pink and green copics. The stamped image in the center is and image from the Merci SU set. The rest of the flowers are from the Friends are Like Flowers SU set. The sentiment stamp is from Stamps N More and I got it from this year's Stampfest in Clearwater!

I just had to have this pick up truck from Stampin Up! The set is called Loads of Love and I have loads of fun dreaming up ways to use it! :-) It is so cute and I bought the accessories to go with it too. This image with the "thought you could use a little pickup" phrase is perfect for a masculine encouragement card. I have already sent one of these to last month's Share A Card feature. This was probably my first attempt at really trying to master the shading techniques with the Copic Markers. I still have a lot to learn, but it is really fun and relaxing to color stamped images! I used both nesting squares and nesting Rectangles from WBW in the design of this card!

Here is a closeup view...

See how I tried to make the window look like glass with a light blue copic?

This card is one of my all-time favorites and might have been one of my very first attempts at coloring in a stamped image with my copics. I didn't even know how to blend yet! But I still liked it because of the colors. This was a birthday card I gave to my niece Cassidy. I fell in love with this adorable stamp set from CC Designs called "It's My Birthday!"

This card also uses three of the nesting oval plates from the Lil Bucket of Nesting Ovals and three nesting squares from the Lil Bucket of Nesting Squares at the WBW. I had not quite learned the art of shading yet, but I gave it my best attempt! :-)

This is a closeup shot of the above card...

Not very perfect if you look close up. I definitely still need to practice! LOL!

This card uses one of the dollar bin stamps from JoAnn's and I think it is a pretty nice stamp considering the cost! This is primitive style coloring using my copics. One trick I have learned is to lightly outline your colored image with a light colored ink to make it pop ever so slightly off the page.
Here I have stamped the watering can image from the SU set called Friends are like Flowers. There are also two nesting ovals from the Lil Bucket of Nesting Ovals that are available at the WBW. After cutting my cream colored oval on my cutter, I used my Stampamajig to be certain to center my stamped image inside the oval. I also used the "May a Smile Bloom for You Today" phrase from Stamps N More. I like that phrase! It makes me happy!! The baubles for embellishments are from Stamping Bella.

Here is a closeup of the stamped image and copic details...

The effect I was going for on the watering can was to make it look like the can was old and rusty. I think it worked pretty well, don't you??

Well that's all for now! I actually started this blog post on the 10th for Tuesday, but after getting called in to work it is now Wednesday as I post it! Sorry for being so late in posting!

I will try and have a new post that is meant to be for Wednesday! Well I have to get to bed so I can try to get up early and exercise in the morning again!

Have a good one!

Kelly :-)


Monica said...

Girl,, you are rocking on the card making! Love these cards... I really want to get some Copics.. maybe soon!

Kelly said...

Thanks Monica! It was great seeing you to today!! We do need to get together and share stamps and play with them together!

I appreciate you looking at my blog!

Kelly :-)

Nancy said...

WOW!!!! Each one is better than the next!! Love them all. Are copics the refillable ones? I went to the stamping convention in MA over the weekend, and there was a demonstration of some new refillable pens.

You are lucky Tom knew about your "habit" before he got in too deep (too late now!) Wink wink

Kelly said...

LOL! YOu are too funny Nancy!

Thanks for your compliment on my cards! That's sweet!

About the copics, they are refillable. At least I know that some of them are, not sure if all styles are, but I am sure that would be in the descriptions on the website for each type.

They are awesome!! I love them!

Kelly :-)

Sue S. said...

Fabulous cards but then, I expect nothing less from YOU!

Congrats on making it to the gym! LOL Keep up the great work --- on the cards, blog and your diet!